About Ellen

Sewing first entered my life at age 13 when I took a sewing class as a 7th grader in junior high. I have been creating with needle and thread ever since. After obtaining my Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Sam Houston State University, I began a long career of fundraising and development for some of Houston's finest arts, health care and academic institutions. I have also been competing in triathlons since 1996, but the pivotal moment in my sewing career happened 14 years ago when my friend of 40 years invited me to the International Quilt Show. I was awed and inspired by what I saw. I never knew that the act of piecing together pieces of fabric could produce a breathtaking work of art. I wanted to create my own works of art! After learning a few basic techniques from my friend and with the mantra of 1/4" seam allowance ingrained in my head, my rotary cutter and I were off on a journey - a journey that has led me to leave the world of fundraising behind and to create Ellen Phillips Quilting.

As with all quilters, the inevitable dilemma arose regarding "how will I finish this quilt"? In the past, I would either use some basic free motion quilting techniques or send my work off to "the quilter". When I saw the gorgeous work that "the quilter" did, I decided that I wanted to be able to produce the same results myself. With the purchase of my ABM Innova 22" longarm machine two years ago, I was able to start finishing my own works of art. What had started as an interest, soon became a hobby that quickly developed into a passion. That passion is now my business.

I have won numerous awards for my quilts over the past 10 years. I have had my quilts, as well as customer quilts entered in the International Quilt Show in Houston.

I know quilters, and I know that there are unfinished quilt tops just languishing out there, waiting to be finished. Let me finish your quilt so that you may begin to enjoy your own work of art!

What a beautiful job you did on my quilt — Alice Rhame Tiki Island, TX
I love what you did on my quilts.  You are so talented! — Leslie Crocker, Arlington, TX
Thank you so much for quilting the special quilt for me.  It will be very special because I know you did a great job for me. — Angie Kroll Conroe, TX

Quilting Services

I use an ABM Innova 22” Longarm machine to machine quilt edge-to-edge designs and custom design.  Currently I do not use pantographs or computer driven designs.

I charge by the square inch for all quilting services.  In order to find the quilting charge, follow this formula:
Length x Width x Rate = Quilting charge
Example:  80” x 90” x .04 = $288.00

Download Quilting Services Detailed Pricing

Edge-to-Edge Freehand Design

Hand driven edge to edge designs (no pantographs or computerized designs)

Custom "Lite"

Two different designs. i.e. custom border and edge to edge center

Custom Quilting

Multiple designs using rulers, templates, stencils, echoing, grid-work and free-motion


Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your specific quilting needs.

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